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Life on Replay

Welcome to Life on Replay! We are currently in the baby stages of building the website, andd we apologise for any inconvenience caused. We hope you enjoy your experience, and any feedback is appreciated 🙂

Life on Replay is a book that I am currently working on. It details the life of a young woman who is eager to please her husband in order to keep her family happy. If he divorces her, her family’s reputation will be ruined and they will hold her responsible. As she spirals down, after giving up her job in order to fully attend to her wifely duties, she sees only one way out…to fake her death and build a new life for herself on the other side of the earth. But after 4 years, her husband reappears in her life as a prospective business partner. Unaware that the succesfull young woman is his dead wife, he is perplexed by her strange behaviour towards him.

Latest from the Blog

The Terrorist in front of me: Chapter 3

In which I complain about the mentality of Traditional Indian bred men and their love for Indian brewed tea (one is worse than the other).

  1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to get positive feedback. I know what you mean but I just…

  2. I actually like the storyline. Though the “disclaimer” at the end…

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